About Roberta Wagner

Roberta Wagner is a seasoned arts & cultural developer from Germany who has worked on countless projects across Africa and Germany that have brought success to many artists, cultural institutions and far reaching implications on cultural exchange between differentcountries. She has worked for more than 15 years in high profile jobs as a Director for Cultural Organizations ( Goethe-Centre Kampala and Harare ), where she managed and realized a multitude of small-scale and large projects. As an GIZ development advisor deployed to the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, she expanded her knowledge and horizon in the development space. Guiding, supporting and advising with a strong focus on Monitoring and Evaluation, offered a different skill-use coupled with her previous experience as a Director. In January 2017, she decided to embark on a new journey and started her business as a Cultural Entrepreneur. Besides her role as a Music Manager of PrayerSoul and the Kjongs, she advises cultural based organisations and individual artists, offers workshops and designs a wide range of training programs. Currently, she is working on an Art-Exhibition, she manages athe EU Film Festival in Harare and Bulawayo and designs and implements cultural programs.

Anthouse Productions 

Anthouse production is a brain child of Roberta Wagner a cultural and arts expert . It was founded in 2019 with the aim of expanding the impact and reach of the arts and culture industry throughout Africa and Europe. Due to the diverse nature of Roberta’s portfolio and experience the production house quickly grew and expanded its operations and cast a wider focus across the multi facets  of the trade.